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Our Tiny House

Mobile Office

     When we started to look at office space we were rudely reminded that overhead is tough! We also found it hard to invest money in someone else’s space to make it look right and then have to pay rent… Especially for our small crew of full-time people.

     So that made us think… How can we create a space that shows our design and vision as well as craftsmanship without renting something? The ultimate goal is to buy a small commercial space but for now, we need to grow and we needed a cost-effective spot for a few years to sit work other than Starbucks.

     We also need a spot to have all our design samples and a space to have design meetings.

I started to think, what about a job site trailer?

But not one of those metal terrible looking ones, but rather a high-quality long-lasting Tiny House office?!

So the quest to built it came on last spring and we went for it!  We worked with our partners at Tiny Foundations Northeast out of Lime CT to determine the best trailer for our needs. We then gave Chris and Wendy our desired floor-plan and they helped build us a steel framing plan to build the outside walls. Ultimately, we wanted to stay as true to the Tiny House culture as we could while keeping it practical for our use.

In the end, we built a functional, cost-effective Tiny House that is the perfect design for the next two years until we can buy a building.  After that maybe we'll drop it on a lot up north and create a killer vacation spot and Air BnB!  Until then let us know if you want to talk business and we would gladly give you a tour and an espresso while we chat about how we can help you with your goals on the home front!