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178 Hersey
Hersey project hingham ma by oak dd

It’s rare that we decide to stay within a footprint these days but that is exactly what we did with this classic antique / 80’s blend.


The original home on the right side had all original framing and then the garage was added on in the ’80s.  With a low ceiling height on the room above the garage, we decided to tear the roof off completely, raise it up and create a higher pitch as well as vault the ceilings inside. This will create a nicer look on the outside as well as give ample ceiling height inside!

New windows and fiber cement siding clad the outside while we completely gut and renovated the inside of this one. The other curve ball was to eliminate one of the garage doors and create a mudroom / walk-out family room on the right side. And YES! That classic set of small roof brackets over the front door was recreated to match the new door in the driveway to keep that antique charm!

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